Traditional Recipes from Sardinia, Italy

One of only five of the World’s Blue Zones

Enjoy the Traditional Taste from Sardinia, Italy right here in Southwest Florida!

Pansardo Bread Chips

Enjoy our Traditional Sardinian savory bread chips.  Our Pansardo bread chips are perfectly flat and perfectly browned making them the great choice for dipping in your favorite dips or for just snacking alone.  Available in a variety of flavors such as original, barbeque, pizza, paprika, ginger and rosemary.

Taralli Crackers

Enjoy our irresistable Taralli crackers.  These ring shaped Italian crackers go great with a glass of wine, cheese and coldcuts.  Our delectable Taralli crackers add a perfect crunch to any meal or snack.  Available in a variety of flavors such as tumeric & ginger, garlic, oil & chili, with fennel or sesame seeds, with cheese & pepper or with extravirgin olive oil.

Locally Baked Pastries

Enjoy our Traditional Italian Pastries. Our locally baked pastries use Local, Organic, and Natural Ingredients. Varieties available include Pansardo, Tondi and many more.

Imported Italian Cheese

From the sun, the wind and the earth …

Enjoy our irresistible Italian Cheeses.  These Cheeses are imported directly from Italy.  All cheeses are cut fresh when you order.